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DeeJon is an artistic dialogue between two distinguished Houston artists, Marjon F. Aucoin and Dandee Warhol. In DeeJon, the incongruence between classical and contemporary art is negotiated, and ultimately speaks to the rise of an original genre. Like complementary colors that when placed side-by-side appear to vibrate, the juxtaposition of the two artist's styles generate a dimensional quality that invite the viewer to step inside the realm of creativity. 

Marjon F. Aucoin


Marjon is a classically trained fine artist whose work depicts lifelike subjects in enchanted surroundings. The models are sinuous and classically beautiful, with luminescent skin and flowing hair, often immersed in natural elements such as smoke, water, or woods. Across her paintings, you will find elements embedded that hint at fantasy: a twinkling star, mysterious forest, or a creature that play as friends and foe. Marjon's choice techniques as an artist produce works that emanate from the canvas, with a quality akin to the memory of a story you knew as a child. 

Dandee Warhol


Philippines native Dandee Danao, better known by his eponym Dandee Warhol, is a distinguished figure in the contemporary Houston art circuit. Valued for his distinctive aesthetic, which draws upon the influence of pop art as well as popular culture, Danao is also recognized as a dynamic collaborator, curator, and visionary. Danao's works often depict iconic cartoon characters, alienated from their original backdrops and partaking in counter-culture recreation. Danao is self-taught and colorblind, two idiosyncrasies that grant his style definition. 


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